Skawin Global Services is a recruitment firm with operations in Bengaluru and focused on connecting qualified & talented Nurses form India with Hospitals & Healthcare facilities around the world. Our Aim is to provide Nurses not only with a job but also a career path in the global health industry.
Our Mission is – ‘Improving the wellbeing of communities by connecting the right talent to the right job in the healthcare space’
Domestic & International Recruitments: India, Middle East, New Zealand, and other Countries etc
International Requirements: Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical Staff
Domestic Requirement: Doctors, Nurses for Hospitals, Companies, Schools, Colleges, and Institutions
Services: Counselling, Refresher Training, Data Flow, Prometric Exam Assistance, MOHA, NHRA, HRD Attestation, College Verification
  • Qualified & Certification as per industry norms
  • Minimum 2 years of Experience
  • Valid Passport
  • Good Communication Skills

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